Hannah Eve


Hannah Eve is a singer-songwriter based in Wigan, Greater Manchester.  Her honest, emotive lyrics and catchy melodies are blended with her diverse vocals.  Her songs are sometimes stripped back and at other times, heavier, grittier and played with a full band.  Hannah Eve is influenced by many artists and her tastes are eclectic, which comes across in her song writing. 

In 2007, she formed the folk-acoustic-rock band The Camarillas with Keith Lythgoe.  The Camarillas recorded their first EP ‘Unearthed’ in 2008, the acoustic EP ‘Stripped’ in 2009, the live recorded EP ‘Of Devotion…’ in 2010, and their final EP, ‘Overload’ was released in 2011.  An album of unreleased tracks which were gigged, yet never recorded, are in the pipeline for 2024.  Stay tuned for more updates on the release of ‘In The Embers (2007-2011)’.

During 2011, Hannah and Keith became restless and wanted to create a heavier project with a larger sound.  Keith began writing demos for Hannah to arrange the parts, create the melodies and write the lyrics.  The band Somnium was formed in 2011.  Somnium released their self-titled EP in 2012 and gigged all over the North-West.  Their final EP, ‘The Waiting’, was due to come out in 2015 but sadly wasn't finished before the band split, however, they plan to release it in 2023.  

From 2016, Hannah started recording joke tracks for her family based around childhood memories which were given as Christmas gifts, a trend which continued in 2018, 2019 and 2020. The first year of songs entitled, ‘Family Favourites Vol.1‘, are currently available on Reverbnation, Soundcloud and BandCamp.  There are plans to release further volumes in 2023/early 2024.


2022 saw the release of Hannah Eve’s first solo EP, Time which is out now across all streaming platforms with an additional 2 bonus tracks available if the album is purchased.  To check out purchase options, please visit https://hannahevemusic.bandcamp.com/album/time or go to www.hannahevemusic.com.  

At the end of 2022, Hannah's partner Keith, was hospitalised from the end of October until after Christmas, which has slowed progess of any rehearsals for a live set but this is still in the pipeline.  However, from the terror and anxiety of having a loved one in hospital, came a flurry of tracks written about hope, fear and not being able to stop comfort eating biscuits!  In The Dark, is due for release in 2023, with work on a full album set to commence in 2024.